Eastwood Seam Sealer Cartridge Black 300ml

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Paintable Seam Sealer leaves a factory – like finish that won’t harden or sag.

After stripping a car or repairing a panel, replace the seam sealer to protect your hard work from the elements.

Available in Black and Beige.

It will stay flexible and won’t crack.

Seam Sealer will waterproof and insulates firewalls, floor pans, truck seams, fender extensions, taillight openings

It comes in a handy 300ml standard caulking gun.

300ml contents

Part Number – EW-51655z

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Eastwood's high-solids Seam Sealer seals cracks, crevices and body seams, as well as waterproofs and insulates; remains flexible. Adheres to paint; tack-dries in 15 minutes, air dries in 1 hour. Black in color, but can be painted after 1 hour. Use a standard caulking gun to apply.

Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when working with chemicals. Consult MSDS for proper safety warnings.

How To Apply Seam Sealer on a Car - Floor, Trunk, Firewall - Kevin tetz at Eastwood

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