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Eastwood Wrinkle Paint Black Aerosol 312gram

Reproduce factory wrinkle finishes with just 2 coats. Heater boxes, metal dashboards, ignition wire holders, valve covers, etc. Apply just 2 heavy coats. Wrinkles develop within 12 hours.

Size: 312gram Aerosol

Product Code: EW10014Z

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Eastwood Wrinkle Paint Black Aerosol 312gram - EW10014Z

Eastwood Wrinkle Paint will reproduce factory wrinkle finishes with just 2 coats.

Eastwood's Black Wrinkle-Finish Paint reproduces the original wrinkle finish found on a variety of car parts. Such as Heater boxes, metal dashboards, ignition wire holders, valve covers, etc.

Apply just 2 heavy coats, Wrinkles develop within 12 hours, Black Wrinkle-Finish Paint becomes tack-free in 20-30 minutes, and fully hardens in 24 hours.

A primer not required.

It is a phenolic tung oil alkyd resin. For use on metal only.

Withstanding up to 94℃ (200℉).

Each 312grams aerosol can covers 0.4 sq metres (4 sq. ft)


Wrinkle Paint is the correct finish for many parts like heaters, dashboards, ignition wire holders, and more. Works best without primer. Heavier coats req'd over primer. Wrinkle Paint may take up to 8 hrs. to wrinkle. A heat lamp can be used to speed wrinkling. Wrinkle Paint is a phenolic tung oil alkyd resin, covers 4 sq ft, and withstands up to 200 degrees F. Use in a well ventilated area, or use a respirator like our Bandit Respirator (11456).


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection use in a well ventilated area consult MSDS for specific warnings and precautions

msds Wrinkle Paint Black Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

  • I built a new dashboard, glove box door, recessed instrument panel and switch panel for my Jeep. The small parts were easy to paint. The dashboard took 2 tries. FOLLOW the directions to the letter. I got in a hurry and tried to paint on a cool day, that's why it took 2 attempts.

  • Old Radio Folks...this is the right stuff. SP-200, Collins, 51J and R-388 cabinets need this wrinkle paint. This paint takes vacuum tube heat.

  • I have tried other brands of wrinkle paint in the past and many times the sprayed finish just wouldn't wrinkle properly. I have found that Eastwoods Wrinkle Paint to be the only one that always worked like expected. Highly recommended.

  • I used this to restore a factory finish on the air cleaner of my 71 Roadrunner. Tried other products and was not happy with the outcome. This product came out amazing. I plan on using it to coat the 2 piece Shelby intake manifold thats going on my Turbo Dodge Shadow.

  • Neat Product! Works just like the catalog says. if you follow the instructions. Make sure the temperature recommendation is followed. The item has to be super clean and a little roughed up. I did a set of valve covers and they came out great.