Eastwood Detail Gray - Bare Steel Replication Aerosol 340gm

Eastwood Detail Gray - Bare Steel Replication Aerosol 340gm

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Eastwood Detail Gray - Bare Steel Replication Aerosol 340gm - EW 10036Z

Eastwood Detail Gray - Bare Steel Replication Aerosol 340gm
Eastwood Detail Gray - Bare Steel Replication Aerosol 340gm

Restore the original color of metal parts—and protect them against rust—with Eastwood Detail Gray® Paint.

Produce a professional, like-new OEM finish
Protects parts against rust and corrosion
Resist Temperatures up to 300 Degrees F

Get a factory-correct look with Detail Gray when you spray it on stamped or machined steel, pot metal and other die-cast parts.

This Detail Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of die cast and stamped steel. Protected up to 300 degrees F by this paint, metal parts will keep that brand new look for a long time. Available in aerosols and quarts. One aerosol covers 6 sq.ft., one quart covers 50 sq.ft., acrylic lacquer, natural low 4-15% gloss.


Detail Gray, also available in Quarts (10046 ZP), is an acrylic lacquer that resembles stamped steel. Covers 6 sq ft. Max temp 300F. To remove grease and oil, use our PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z). Detail Gray can be used on bare metal, or for greater durability, use our Self Etching Primer (16014 Z) Aer. or (16009 ZP) Quartt on rust free areas. On rusty metal, use Eastwood Rust Encapsulator (16040 Z) Aer., (16043 Z) Pint, or (16045 ZP) Qt.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection use in a well ventilated area consult MSDS for specific warnings and precautions

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msds Detail Gray Paint Material Safety Data Sheet

The information contained herein is based on data considered accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief as of the date compiled. However no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data or the results to be obtained from the use hereof.

Detail Gray Auto Paint from Eastwood - Match Original Underhood and Under Car Colors

i restore 2nd and 3rd gen. Mustangs and use Detail Grey to finish bare cast iron pieces during restoration. Detail Grey is a quick to mix ,quick dry finish that looks great and makes my detailed parts look bare but will not rust.
As far as the color being blotchy, Ive sprayed four balljoints for my car, Ive done the swaybar end link bolts and washer, ive also even done the strut rod bushing washers and nuts. I even painted the bolt for my alternator mount bracket and the paint went on smoothly and evenly and is durable enough that the paint didnt even scrape off the bolt as I tightened it down.
About three years ago, I bought several cans of the Detail Gray paint and finally used the last can about a month ago. So, I bought two more and found that it isn't of the same quality. The old mix had more solids and dried quickly to a hard finish. The new mix has alot more solvent in it and takes much longer to dry. In addition, the color is blotchy. While it'll work for what I use it for, I vote for the old formula!
I use this paint all of the time in my restoration and I am very happy with it. I really like the color and havnt found anything else like it. I have found-like the directions say-a few light coats are better that one heavy one. I also like to let my parts dry for about a week to let them fully cure. The directions say 24 hours but it's probably still too soft for assembly. I was skeptical about the durability but after having to grind the paint off of a part that I messed up, it is definitely durable. Also, one can will last a long time and is worth the price.