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Eastwood Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit

Money-saving Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit restores your steering wheel to like-new condition, ready to top-coat.

Product Code: EW52196Z

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Eastwood Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit - EW52196Z

The Eastwood complete Steering Wheel Repair Kit restores your steering wheel to like-new condition, ready to top-coat.

Over time, UV light from the sun will deplete the elastomers in your plastic or hard-rubber steering wheels, resulting in ugly cracks that really date your car.

This Complete Steering Wheel Repair Kit help you bring those steering wheels back to life.

For Steering Wheels requiring major repair, try the Master Steering Wheel Restoration Kit which comes with an adhesion promoter and steering wheel repair book

1-lb. Can of PC-7 Epoxy (52047)
PRE Painting Prep (standard or Low-VOC) (10041Z or 11949z)
Adhesion Promoter (52366Z)
Steering Wheel Restoration Book (52017)


▶   Review manual to remove steering wheel from vehicle.
▶   Wash the steering wheel with dish washing detergent and water.
▶   Wipe down wheel with PRE Painting Prep repeatedly with clean rags until surface is clean.
▶   Use a triangular file to "V" out any cracks down to the metal frame. Filling narrow cracks without "V"ing out will lead to early failure.
▶   The PC-7 will easily fill the widened repair area.
▶   Mix PC-7 per label instructions and apply, slightly overfilling the repair areas.
▶   Dip your finger in water and smooth the repair immediately after application. This should minimize sanding and yield a smooth surface.
▶   Allow the repairs to fully harden overnight.
▶   Sand repair area(s) with 220 grit wet or dry paper and finish up with 320 grit.
▶   Wipe wheel thoroughly with PRE Painting Prep and allow to dry. DO NOT handle cleaned wheel with bare hands, use disposable gloves.
▶   Following label instructions, apply several light coats of Adhesion Promoter to entire wheel.
▶   Apply finish of choice within 30 minutes.


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection use in a well ventilated area consult MSDS for specific warnings and precautions

  • Product OK
    The steering Whell restoration handbook is out dated and directs you to use lacquer paint which is almost impossible to aquire any more. Instruction doesn't say anything about using the motivators that's sold in kit. I've havn't completed job yet and really don't know what finish paints to use.
  • DIY Steering Wheel Kit
    The two part epoxy filler and the pre prep solution made this part of the project go well. now comes the tedious, but important sanding. I tried the power sanding as described in the booklet, but it was too aggressive. So I have reverted to hand sanding. I understand why recast steering wheels seem pricey.
  • Great Product as expected
    Everything is supplied in the kit, and like any other EASTWOOD product I have had experienced - no surprises, and an excellent result.
  • Worked well
    I used this kit on a 60 year old wheel. As stated earlier the book is out of date and it would be helpful to have information on paint selection. When I called to place an order SEM Classic Coat 17093 was suggested. I am not sure what the difference is between Classic Coat and Color Coat paints/coatings.