Eastwood Paints - Self-Etch Primer Gray

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Eastwood Self-Etch Primer Gray

Etches and primes bare, rust-free metal in one step.

Product Code: EW16014

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Eastwood Self-Etch Primer Gray

This easy-to-use aerosol etches and primes bare, rust-free metal in one step. Adheres to steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel and is compatible with virtually any paint or auto finish (not Eastwood Chassis Black). This self-etching formula bonds better to bare metals than other aerosol primers. It is also a single- stage formula which requires no catalyst, making it even easier to use.

In 1 time-saving step, Self-Etching Primers prep bare metal for painting.

True acid-etching formula sticks to virtually any clean, bare, rust-free metal to improve adhesion and durability of most non-epoxy top coats. Use to prep aluminum, steel, stainless, scuffed galvanized...makes a great base for high-build primers or spot repairs. 16-oz. aerosol can covers about 1 Sq m.; quart (pre-thinned for spraying) covers 30 sq. ft.;

▶   Lacquer-based, single-stage formula requires no catalyst
▶   Enhances Adhesion and Durability of Most Non-Epoxy Top Coats
▶   Adheres to Steel, Stainless, Aluminum and chrome
▶   Great base for high-build primers
▶   Easier to use than other aerosol primers
▶   Withstands up to 170℉

Not for use with Chassis Black

Watch Self-Etching Primers - Types Video

Self-Etching Primers - Types & Applications - Weld Thru & High Build from Eastwood

Self-Etching Primers - Types & Applications - Weld Thru & High Build from Eastwood

True Acid-Etching Formulation Sticks to Virtually Any Clean Bare Metal
Enhances Adhesion and Durability of Most Non-Epoxy Top Coats
Available in Easy to Use Aerosol Cans

  • very good product
    I have used this primer on several jobs, coke machine, model A 1931. Adheres good to all clean surfaces and works with all over coat paint except epoxy primer or eastwoods chassis black. Use thin coats till surface is covered. Paint over primer soon after dried. This is not a sealing primer so care must be taken not to expose to humid damp air. primer absorbes paint as well as dampness if allowed.
  • Great product
    Works great for those small jobs. For the bigger ones it's a good way to protect your work and allows you to move on to the next area. When all finished, all you have to do is sand smooth and continue on with the finishing process.
  • Great primer
    I use this to prime engine components and it works great under Eastwood's engine paint. The only drawback is it comes pre thinned, so it does not go as far as other primers. But, the result is well worth the extra material.
  • Quick easy way to protect bare metal
    I like using this primer to seal off bare metal between blasting and painting. Easy to use and seems to cover with most all paints.
  • Nice get
    I bought this because I was looking for a decent primer for my old school truck it was down to the metal overall not bad ..
  • The best on the market
    I use this on all my projects. Easy to use, never runs. It's the best bar none.
  • Self etching primer
    1st time that I used it awesome to us I will be using more of this in the future
  • Great product
    Good coverage you can tell when sprained it it's a quality product.
  • excellent product.
    I have been used this product for several years. is excellent.