Eastwood Charcoal Gray Wheel Paint

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This Charcoal Gray/Dark Argent Paint has the correct tone, sheen, and original equipment look.

Matches Factory Appearance
Super Durable and Long Lasting
Withstands Temperatures Up To 250 Degrees F

Rally Wheel Charcoal Gray Paint is appropriate for styled steel wheels and backgrounds for chrome rims and center caps, especially for the Muscle Era cars. This high solids paint covers 6 sq. ft. or two to four wheels, depending on application. Acrylic Lacquer formulation. 50-60% gloss. Max. temp 250 degrees F. Net wt. 12 oz.
Part Number – EW-10003

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This acrylic lacquer finish withstands temperatures up to 250 degrees F. For greatest durability apply this finish over Self Etching Primer Aer. (16014Z) or Qt. (16009ZP). For improved appearance and durability top coat cured Rally Wheel Paint with Diamond Clear Gloss for Painted Surfaces (10196Z).


exellent product
I bought this wheel paint thinking it will never be close to the original wheel paint. well I was wrong. this paint was a perfect match, and it went on very smooth, no runs. I was amazed at the quality of this product. bob.
Not just for wheels
Used to paint rocker panel mouldings on my '71 Torino GT. Looks great. covered well, and dries fast. Also used it to black out grille on same car. Very satisfied with all results.
Good product
Excellent color match to original. Can't beat it. Eastwood consistency in good products.
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Excludes Courier Fee