Eastwood Fuel Guard Daily Driver Additive

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Eastwood Fuel Guard Storages Stabilizer Additive

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Eastwood's Fuel Guard additive system prevents the harmful effects caused by Ethanol and prevents corrosion, gumming and resin build-up.

Use Fuel Guard Protection formula with every fill-up and Fuel Stabilizer formula for storage up to 12 months.

It will prevent Ethanol Phase Separation and the harmful impact of Ethanol blended fuels and stabilizes Ethanol-blended fuels.

Fuel Guard will prevent corrosion in the fuel system.

It will help to remove water.

Keeps stored fuel fresh for easy starting.

Protect against gum & resin build-up in your fuel tanks.

It will prevent clogging carburettors, injectors, filters & fuel lines.

Compatible with all 2 & 4 stroke engines.

Fuel Guard contains no harmful alcohol or hydroscopic additives.

Supplied in 237grams/8 fl. oz. container.

Part Number – EW-12735Z – Fuel Guard Daily Drive Additive.
Part Number – EW-12736Z – Fuel Guard Storage Stabilizer

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For storage up to 12 months, add one bottle for every 20 gallons. If tank is larger than 20 gallons, it is okay to add two bottles, you cannot over-treat. For best results pour one bottle in before adding fuel. Fill tank with gasoline. This will ensure the additive is thoroughly mixed with the fuel.

Do not drink. Use in a well ventilated are. Do not use near an open flame.


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msds Fuel Guard Daily Driver Additive Material Safety Data Sheet
msds Fuel Guard Storage Stabilizer Material Safety Data Sheet

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