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PPC Detail Spray

The PPCCO Premier Plus HVLP paint guns were designed with features to make them as good as the top guns from the big brands, but at a price the home user can afford.

Product Code: PPCDS-08

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PPC Detail Spray

PPC detail spray

Ordinary washing and waxing does not remove all contaminants from vehicle surfaces. Contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust, tree sap, road tar, bug residue, industrial failout and paint overspray adhere to vehicle surfaces and cannot be completely removed simply by washing and waxing.

By waxing without removal, you are trapping in these contaminants! These contamoinants are visible on light coloured vehicles and can be easily detected by feeling the finish, they leave the surface feeling "rough"or "gritty"even after washing.

PPC detail spray

Using PPC Clay Bar, first wash the vehicle finish to ensure that all loose dirt and debris are removed. Next, "Detail Spray" is sprayed on the vehicle surface for proper lubricity and Clay Bar is rubbed along the lubricated area until the contaminants are removed.

After this operation the paint finish is free of contaminants and is fresh, clean, smooth and ready for wax, polish, buffing or paint sealant.

Note: Do not use on hot or dry surfaces or in direct sunlight!