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Multi Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

With increasing restrictions on the use of solvent-containing degreasers and cleaners safer, water-based materials have been developed.

However it has been difficult to match the performance of the solvent-containing systems and increasing environmental restrictions on the ranges of acceptable water-based actives have further tested the formulators’ ability.

Bilt-Hamber surfex HD provides performance levels that match and even exceed solvent systems while meeting the latest standards of biodegradability.

surfex HD attacks all oil and grease based soiling, but unlike solvent based cleaners will additionally and effortlessly clean organic, or water deposited grime.

surfex HD can be adjusted in strength to suit the level of soil, remaining active at add levels of just 1 part to 200 in water for light work, or used neat for extreme duty.

surfex HD is recommended for all arduous automotive, commercial and domestic cleaning duties. Can be used on paint, alloy wheels, tyres, fabric, carpets and most surfaces. Spot tests are always advisable.

surfex HD can be sprayed, brushed or applied using pressure washer equipment..

A Comparison

surfex HD contains zero VOC’s, is biodegradable, non-toxic and pleasant to use, yet it’s ability to remove grease and oil based contamination exceeds many well-know solvent based degreasers.

Using water-based degreasers allows the adjustment of strength to suit the job, surfex HD can be added to water at just 0.5% to form an effective cleaner for light application and increased in strength to neat if required for heavy industrial applications.

Why water is more powerful than solvents
AutoExpress "Pressure washer shampoos tested"

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Powerful water-based APC (all purpose cleaner)
Safe for virtually all automotive and domestic surfaces (always spot test before use)
Economical use from just 0.5% to neat
Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 200 litres drums

How to Use
surfex HD is used on cool surfaces diluted from 1 part in 100 for light cleaning or use neat for maximum grease and oil removal

Saturate greasy surfaces leave for a few moments

Agitate heavy soil with stiff bristled brush

Rinse surface with clean water

Always spot test before use

surfex HD


Best buy: The no-frills, separately supplied instruction sheet claims that this degreaser is as strong as solvent-based cleaners, but meets the latest biodegradable standards. Judging by our test we reckon this is right, as nothing came as close as HD to leaving a clean panel. It created a decent foam, which was slow to run off, making easy work for the pressure washer.
AutoExpress UK

Guys - just a quick message to share my admiration for Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD with you. I'm rebuilding an old 3.9 litre V8 engine for my Range Rover. These engines are well known for dirty sludgy deposits inside, and this one was no exception. I wanted to get it reasonably clean inside, but without an acid dip or something similar I didn't expect perfection. Out of curiosity I thought I would try Surfex HD - an hour or so later, used neat with the help of an old toothbrush, the result was quite amazing!!
(Posted on 19/05/2015)

Have had a tough detailing job today.
A car that had not been washed/touched for 3 years, since it was bought actually.

The paintwork Was riddled with heavy road film, tar spots, bugs, metal particles, Moss on every seal and every crack.
So this was a good time to test the product in neat form, applied using a foam gun and pressure washer, so the end diluting should have been in the neighborhood of 1:15.

Pressure washed the surface prior to using the Surfex HD on it.
Loosened a fair amount of grime, moss and dirt of the surface.
Had to use a soft brush for cleaning the seals and cracks, dipped in Surfex HD.

It got rid of all the moss and contaminants.

After using it on the surface, i went to work on the engine compartment.
Made short work of grease buildup.

Conclusion: Great product, does what it says. Good price.

Purchased a 5lt bottle of your Surfex HD to clear the underside of a customers car of baked on / dripping oil from a previous oil leak.

We applied the product neat for the lower engine tray as the oil had been heavily baked to the surface, after application and letting the product sit for a minute, I and my apprentice agitated the whole area with a brush and then pressure washed the soiled tray. I can happily report your wonderful product striped the oil from the plastic leaving a clean, grease free finish.

After being blown away, we applied the Surfex to the whole underside of the car (exhaust, lower engine, gearbox, gaiters etc, we did apply a liberal amount and spent a good 30 minutes brushing, spraying, brushing, spraying just to be sure all contaminates had been stripped and the underside clean and ready. After Pressure washing the whole under-body for a good 10 minutes just to be sure all the Surfex had been removed (inc oil), the results were astonishing and the underside now looks next to brand new, the exhaust is nearly back to its original satin finish. The mix was 4 parts surfex to 100 parts water

So from me and indeed my customer we would like to say a big big thank you. We saved money and we also saved our customer a lot of worry.

Kind Regards
Dan (Bavarian Auto Specialists)
(Car cleaned - BMW 1999 E46 Coupe)

P.S. great product for removing contaminates from body prior to washing and removing brake dust from heavily soiled alloys.

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