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Dynax S50 is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides exceptionally long-lasting protection to steel surfaces. It creeps into welded seams and seals surface defects. Dynax S50 forms a soft, brown, wax-like film that self-heals in the event of disruption. It is also able to arrest existing corrosion and to provide long-term protection to pre-corroded and corrosion-free surfaces.

Dynax S50 has been proven to substantially outperform competitive material in salt-spray trials under conditions of ASTM B117.

Dynax S50's soft-film is optimised for enclosed cavities where extremely corrosive conditions develop. Dynax S50 is also recommended for protection of valuable machinery and component in transit, machine tools, moulds etc.

Dynax S50 can be removed using suitable solvent. Dynax S50 is not formulated for prolonged exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light.

The advanced metal seeking anti-corrosion molecules which form Dynax S50 are able to displace water, so even damp surfaces can be protected, these same molecules arrest and prevent corrosion even on already rusty surfaces and provide remarkable self-healing abilities if the film is damaged.

Whilst Dynax S50 is primarily a cavity rustproofing compound it’s also able to prevent corrosion in a multitude of mud traps and water collecting voids. Dynax S50 has been used with superb results to protect voids and cavities in steel boats, vessels, off shore installations and other steel structures subject to severely corrosive atmospheres.

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Class-leading long-term protection for cavities, voids, chassis, doors, mud traps machinery, boats etc etc

Resistant to changing conditions found in cavities, others are not

Self-healing, protects even if film is cut

Clings to vertical surfaces

Displaces moisture

Kills existing corrosion

Deeply penetrates flanges and folded seams

Easy to use - atomises superbly

Low odour

See-through coating with brown tint

Provides Lubrication

Available in ready to use modular injection system

Dynax S50 is designed to protect steel surfaces in extreme conditions. It’s well known that vehicle cavities are subject to a wide-range of corrosive environments, from salt spray to high humidity, heat, fresh water and freezing.

The cavity wax chosen must cope with all these variables and continue to provide the necessary protection - maintaining the structural integrity, safety, and value of the vehicle.

It’s common for manufacturers of cavity waxes to quote salt-spray results in hours for their cavity waxes and while the salt-spray test is severe it’s been shown that waxes with very good salt-spray performance can rapidly deteriorate when the environment changes, for example after a period of constant salt-spray they swell become bloated and detach from the surface in an atmosphere of high humidity alone.

Dynax S50 has been proven to provide outstanding salt-spray protection and continuing protection in changing conditions with no swelling or detachment whatsoever.

You’ll see below how Dynax S50 compared with two extremely well known cavity waxes in constant salt spray trials.

How Dynax S50 compares to leading competitors:(from left to right)
1. Acclaimed Swedish Cavity Wax shows high degree of failure.
2. UK’s leading anti corrosion wax shows total failure.
3. Dynax S50 protected metal is still in exceptional condition.

These standardised test panels have been removed from an ASTM B-117 hot salt spray trial after an extremely aggressive 2000 hours. - the rear of the panels show that the steel left unprotected is almost corroded through.

The panel fronts as removed are difficult to asses as corrosion streaks and marks are left as during the test the unprotected panel edges allow corrosion deposits to pour down the vertically positioned panels.

After solvent washing the panel fronts any remaining waxy film is removed, allowing inspection of the underlying surface. Assessment of the product performance is then easy.

Penetration Tests

If you decide to treat your car or vehicle to additional corrosion treatment it’s important to select a cavity wax that can penetrate into welded flanges seams - these are the areas proven to be the first to corrode - in fact the Swedish Corrosion Institute conducted a thorough investigation into vehicle corrosion by sawing open the bodies of 845 collision-damaged cars manufactured between 1994 and 1997, the corrosion observed in the flanges and seams resulted in the recommendation that even on cars with reasonably good cavity fluid treatment applied at the factory a complementary treatment be used within 3-4 years of manufacture. This investigation also proves, despite popular belief, that modern cars just like classic and vintage ones require after market rust proofing.

Dynax S50 has a high solids content of over 50%, it’s this content that forms the anti-corrosion coating, and whilst other high solids materials don’t penetrate sufficiently Dynax-S50 creeps by capillary action deeply into seams, flanges and folded edges, in side-by-side trials Dynax S50 has been proven to creep significantly further than other cavity waxes, some with solids contents as low as 25%.

1. Acclaimed Swedish Cavity Wax
2. UK’s leading anti corrosion wax
3. Dynax S50

How to Use
Use a brush, roller or spray to apply Dynax S50. Atomisation into enclosed cavities and voids is recommended to ensure thorough coverage of all surfaces. Dynax-S50 contains highly polar corrosion inhibitors that are able to displace surface moisture; very wet surfaces should be pre-treated using Bilt-Hamber Ferrosol.

Dynax S50 injection system requires no compressor or additional equipment

Dynax S50 is available in 5 litre tubs to 200 litre drums and upwards for spray application, for those without access to professional wax injection equipment Bilt Hamber Laboratories have developed a superb system enabling Dynax S50 to be applied at high pressure simply, quickly and without mess.

The pressurised giant-sized Dynax S50 aerosol dispenser accepts interchangeable heads: The 60cm cavity injection lance has a brass, precision fluid-tip drilled radially to deliver at high-pressure, a dense, finely atomised circular mist of Dynax S50 ensuring 3600 coverage of box sections and cavities.

For accessible areas the extension tube is removed and a solid-cone spray pattern actuator simply clipped in its place.

The pressurised aerosol dispensers contain a useful 750 ml (3/4 of a litre) of material.

Dynax S50 Pack with 60cm cavity injection lance

Dynax S50 is tolerant of a broad range of application pressures and will form a coherent film upon application. Dynax S50 will increase in viscosity at low storage temperatures.

It's recommended to place container in a room at around 15 degrees C for 24 hours prior to use particularly when using low pressure equipment for spray application.

For non aerosol-dispensed Dynax S50 warming the container (loosen cap first) by standing in a hot water bath will further reduce viscosity and is beneficial where deep crevice protection is required. Never heat aerosol dispensed product.Ensure that cavities are left unclosed for a period of 48 hours to allow the escape of carrier materials before bunging or stopping.

Dynax S50 will provide excellent protection at a wide-range of film thickness - aim to achieve a uniform dry-film thickness of around 50 microns. The tolerance of the material to maintain protection at very low film thickness makes Dynax S50 the ideal choice where surface inspection is not easy or where uniform coatings are simply not possible.

Dynax S50's all round spray pattern can be seen easily here


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