Our Restoration Products - Air Tools

Air Tools

If you don't have an air compressor, you are really missing out on a lot of labor saving tools. Nothing beats air power for jobs like loosening nuts, sanding, grinding, cutting or chiseling, and Eastwood has tools for all those jobs and more.

If you've got some of those big, rusty bolts that are typical on old car chassis, an air powered impact gun is the only way to go when the time comes to break them free. Doing body work without air powered sanding equipment means sanding most cars for days, instead of minutes. And speaking of body work, an air powered chisel will cut through the spot welds in a door skin in seconds, and air powered cut off tools can reduce a whole car to scrap in practically no time at all.

Paint Guns

Does your paint gun date back to the Malcolm Fraser Government? A lot has changed since then, and modern paints are formulated for a new breed of high air volume, low pressure spraying. If you want your paint job to look its best, you need the right HVLP gun to spray it, and PPCCO has everything for hobbyist or the old pro. Whether you are just learning to paint your first car, or an expert, we can help. Painting a car is a major job and we are here to make sure you produce truly professional results.

Media Blasting

It would be great if we could just dip our project cars into a swimming pool sized tank of paint and rust stripper, but that's not something you can do at home. And sandpaper is great, but if you really want to strip all the paint, road grime and rust off of something nothing beats media blasting.

Whether you want to blast rust off frames and chassis with abrasive media, or strip paint off body panels without ruining the smooth texture of the metal with baking soda, PPCCO has you covered. We carry blasting cabinets for small parts to fit the weekend DIY budget or the all day every day duty cycle. Plus we have all the media you will ever need; from blasting powder and waterproof powder, to walnut shells, glass, and more. Eastwood also has replacement parts and more for your blaster, and all the safety gear you need to protect yourself while getting the job done.

If your projects involve lots of smaller parts that need to be absolute clean of all rust and paint, your shop is going to need a blasting cabinet. A cabinet makes it easier to reuse blasting media, plus it eliminates the mess of cleanup blasting out in the open can cause.